September 22, 2023

Press Release – Optimal & Flexible Field Architectures (OFFA).


Deep Seed Solutions, that has been dedicated to solving complex engineering problems through digital transformation, today announced a new contract with Aker BP ASA to undergo an R&D project called “Optimal & Flexible Field Architectures” (OFFA). This project aims to create conceptual engineering alternatives for offshore subsea decentralized processing systems, considering production potential and development cost in the screening and optimization of options in an automated way using evolutionary algorithms.

From a software perspective, the OFFA project will be developed based on modern codes and platforms, attending to all client’s requirements for sharing and cooperation between the various business units and disciplines. It will also connect the “Subsea Processing Module” in FLOCO® with existent data repository, applications, digital platforms, and software (e.g relevant Aker BP digital ecosystem for Field Development)

OFFA was initiated by Aker BP ASA as a Postdoctoral Research Co-Supervision initiative within SUBPRO SUBPRO – Subsea Production and Processing – NTNU and has continued the development internally in collaboration with Academia. This next development stage with Deep Seed Solutions will focus on the further development, implementation, and qualification of OFFA within FLOCO® considering the harmonization with FLOCO® existing capabilities. This pushes boundaries of the state of the art within Field Development, as decentralized processing can be the stepping-stone into subsea factory in the future. This can enable debottlenecking of processing capacity in legacy facilities, as well as reduce topside processing footprint for new facilities”– says Edmary Altamiranda, Controls & Systems Engineering Lead Technology R&D at Aker BP.

According to Leandro Basilio, CEO at Deep Seed Solutions: “Our goal is to help Aker BP achieve the maximum efficiency in its capital projects through our expert System FLOCO®, which combined with the disruptive approach for generating subsea layouts using an evolutionary algorithm will potentially enhance the projects’ NPV calculated for each alternative generated.”

At the end of the project, this feature will be available commercially as an advanced module in FLOCO®, allowing other Clients to take advantage of this technology.

About Deep Seed Solutions: Deep Seed Solutions is an innovative organization, targeted at developing technologies applied to complex engineering processes. With a focus on the Energy Industry, the company is collaborating with the efficiency of capital projects, the low carbon economy, and the energy transition, through its strong expertise in digital transformation.

About Aker BP: Aker BP is a company engaged in exploration, field development and production of oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf. The company operates six field centres: Alvheim, Ivar Aasen, Skarv, Edvard Grieg, Ula and Valhall, and is a partner in the Johan Sverdrup licence. Aker BP has made strong commitments to a wide range of digitalisation measures aimed at increasing productivity, maximise value creation and reduce emissions. Measured in production, Aker BP is one of the largest independent oil companies in Europe.

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