About us

We are a Brazilian technology-based company pioneering the development of digital solutions in the offshore energy industry, with a strategy focused on the efficiency of capital projects, the low carbon economy, and the energy transition.
We are specialists in Offshore Conceptual Engineering and passionate about technology. We empower Energy Companies to make the best decisions on their projects by adopting groundbreaking solutions that optimize time and save hundreds of millions.
We are global. We have offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Houston, US. Strategic locations to be closer to our main clients, assisting them in the most agile and efficient way.

We care about the world and future generations. That is why we are serious about ESG and the energy transition, with a structured roadmap that connects business and technology.

We are Deep Seed Solutions


Making people´s life easier.




We believe in the ability to envision market changes and technological trends as a core value to make the company adapted to face the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. Based on continuous technological advancement, we are committed to develop solutions beyond technology to support the society development and individual wellness.


Our business model is designed to ensure that each investment made by our shareholders, clients and partners will result in real value for all. Our management processes are based on the best global practices to ensure that all project, quality and financial kpi’s will be accordingly achieved. We are passionate about the efficient use of resources, and our organizational structure is adapted towards the present industrial challenges and aimed to maximize the return on investments.


Due to the intense dynamism of modern engineering processes, the client´s perspective guides our efforts to ensure that all their needs will be answered. We are committed to identify all explicit and implicit requirements, including the latent necessities that can not be fulfilled with the solutions presently available in the market.


Integrity, in the broad sense of the term, is the raw material of all relationships and products developed by the company. We value transparency in negotiations and we are responsible for the compliance of laws, technical regulations and moral rules of the countries where we operate. In the development of our products and services, we follow strict quality management processes in order to ensure the quality linked to our brand.


The accuracy of the solutions that we develop allows us to be assertive in fulfilling the client´s needs. We believe that accuracy is a fundamental pillar in the search for efficiency.


We believe that the capacity of responsiveness is the key value to ensure our clients competitiveness and it is the cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution.


The ability to integrate several areas of expertise and the pursuit for excellence in the various competencies allows the construction of synergic and highly impacting solutions to the business of our clients.


  1. · Company's Establishment

    · Rio Oil and Gas

    The company was founded in Rio de Janeiro by three friends passionate about technology who envisioned a unique opportunity to revolutionize the global oil and gas industry through digital transformation. That same year we also participated in Rio Oil and Gas, presenting the Expert System FLOCO.

  2. · Offshore Technology Conference Houston

    · Rio Oil and Gas

    · Welcome, Hugo Camerini!

    The year of our first participation in Rio Oil and Gas and the Offshore Technology Conference as exhibitors. As our business grew, our international visibility also increased and we had the privilege to welcome Hugo Camerini as one of our Board Members.

  3. · Offshore Technology Conference Houston

    Another edition of the most important conference in the industry. An important year for us in which we were able to expand our global connections and strengthen our position as a global digital solutions provider.

  4. · Signature of the i-Concept JIP Phase 1

    · Strategic Vision Statement 2021 - 2024

    After four years of hard work and a recognized contribution to the digital transformation in the oil and gas industry, we published our new strategic vision for the 2020 - 2024 cycle, reinforcing our commitment to generating value for our customers, shareholders, employees, and society, as well as establishing a clear direction for our business, prioritizing the efficiency of capital projects, the low carbon economy and the energy transition. That same year we signed the i-Concept JIP, a revolutionary multi-company project that became one of the main vectors of this strategy.

  5. · Fifth Anniversary

    · FLOCO 2.0

    · Deep4Share

    · ANP Technological Innovation Award

    · ESG+T Program

    2021 was a very special year for us, as we celebrated our fifth anniversary. And we could not receive a better gift than the nomination of the i-Concept JIP project as a finalist of the ANP Technological Innovation Award 2020. That same year we celebrated some other major milestones, with the implementation of our ESG+T Program, the launch of FLOCO 2.0, and the launch of Deep4Share, a new solution developed to democratize the access to our database and break the communication barrier in the industry.

  6. · Offshore Technology Conference Houston

    · Signature of the i-Concept JIP Phase 2

    · Houston Branch Office

    We are consolidating our global presence and accelerating toward our strategic vision by establishing a branch office in Houston, a strategic region for our industry. In fact, it was there that we were once again experiencing the greatest OTC in our history with record attendance at our booth, prolific conversations with potential customers, and effective business development. The i-Concept JIP remains one of the main drivers of our strategy, with the signature of its second phase, which focuses on the low carbon economy and energy transition.