Deep4share has now exceeded 320,000 items registered in its database! With just a few clicks, you can get all the technical and cost information needed in the early stages of field development through a web-based collaborative platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.


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A web-based collaborative platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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                What is FLOCO?

                FLOCO - Field Layout Concept Optimizer is an Expert System and decision support software solution designed for the automatic generation and ranking of integrated offshore production systems for shallow and deep/ultra-deep waters.

                Is there a similar solution to FLOCO

                No. FLOCO is a first-of-its-kind Digital Solution: an integrated and automated solution while in the conceptual phase of offshore field development.

                What is Deep4Share?

                Deep4Share is the first web-based Collaborative Platform in the Offshore Energy industry. As a Spin-Off of FLOCO's database, the platform connects Operators, EPCI Companies, and Manufacturers by making available business & technical information on equipment, systems, and installation resources.

                How do you keep the database up to date?

                The development and maintenance of the database follow three pillars:

                1. Constant research of information publicly available;
                2. Market survey with suppliers;
                3. Cost engineering methodology.

                The combination of these three pillars with several pilot projects has led to a database with perfect accuracy for FEL-1 & FEL-2.
                On a cost engineering approach, we created specific cost models for equipment and systems, allowing the extrapolation to several different project envelopes based on metrics, and calibrated with information collected from the market survey and public research, ensuring the proper technology maturity level from an existing project envelope to a new one (prototype).

                Does the database take into consideration market rates and their fluctuations?

                We apply metric models fully aligned with market rates, such as steel and construction costs as well as other material costs. Therefore, based on frequent database maintenance, we update those metrics in our internal base, and all the items are automatically updated.

                What about the accuracy of the database?

                The expected accuracy of the database is aligned with AACE International, Class 3, tolerating up to -20% / +30%. However, it is possible to reach from - 5% to +5% in real cases.

                What if I want to work with my own cost information in FLOCO?

                The user can upload their items/cost data as private information, so other users/companies are not able to access that. Also, it is possible to combine Deep Seed Solutions and Customer data information.

                Are there any water depth restrictions in FLOCO?

                Our solutions are designed for any offshore project, regardless of the water depth. It is possible to work with shallow, deep, and ultra-deep waters.

                Is FLOCO applicable only for greenfield projects?

                The Subsea Processing Module allows users to work with tiebacks, and we are developing a specific advanced plug-in module for Brownfield Projects that will take place in 2022.