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Leandro Basilio

Founder & CEO

Celso Noronha

Founder & Board Member

Adriano Amui

Founder & Board Member

Hugo Camerini

Board Member

ESG+T Program

I-Concept JIP Phase 2

Aligned with our strategic objectives of efficiency of capital projects, low carbon economy, and energy transition, the i-Concept JIP Phase 2 focuses on the development of applied computational modules to generate and rank a wide variety of offshore conceptual systems, addressing technologies to reduce carbon emissions and creating the foundations to simulate hybrid systems on the expert system FLOCO®, combining oil and gas production assets and green energy generation offshore systems.
As major work packages, the i-Concept JIP Phase 2 will address:
  1. Subsea Factory and Advanced Subsea Processing Systems;
  2. Enhanced Oil Recovery by Injection of CO2;
  3. Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS); and
  4. Energy Transition.
In addition to the efficiency of the capital project already available through the Expert System FLOCO®, the i-Concept JIP Phase 2 will allow the Energy Companies to consider, while in the conceptual engineering phase, technologies to reduce their offshore carbon emissions to support their challenging objectives of Net-Zero Emissions in a medium-term.

The previous phase of the i-Concept JIP project was one of the finalists for the ANP Technological Innovation Award 2020, an important event that recognizes and rewards results associated with R&D projects of interest to the oil, natural gas, and biofuels sector.