March 04, 2024

Press Release Karoon


Deep Seed Solutions is proud to announce that the contract signed in July 2023 for a Research and Technology Development Project named Advanced Carbon Footprint with Karoon Petróleo & Gás Ltda is progressing in a very good path.

Aligned with the strategic objectives of sustainability, the Advanced Carbon Footprint project focuses on the development of applied computational modules addressing methods to measure carbon emissions on the Expert System FLOCO®, considering the greenhouse gas protocol indirect emissions.

As major work packages, the Advanced Carbon Footprint address: i) Scope 2 level of the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) protocol Indirect Emissions; ii) Scope 1 emissions generated by offshore well construction activities; iii) Incorporation of advanced horizontal well architectures in the models.

In addition to the efficiency of the capital project already available through the Expert System FLOCO®, the Advanced Carbon Footprint project will allow Karoon to consider, still in the conceptual engineering phase, technologies to reduce their offshore carbon emissions, to support their challenging objectives of Net-Zero Emissions in a medium-term.

According to the proposed schedule, we’ve reached half of project schedule, and the results achieved so far are aligned with Karoon’s expectations.

According to Leandro Basilio, CEO at Deep Seed Solutions, “We are thrilled and proud to work on the Advanced Carbon Footprint research and development project with Karoon, supporting them in pursuing their sustainability goals by enabling the identification of the best projects from an environmental point of view.

This project is developed under the ANP, National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels of Brazil, Resolution nº 918/2023, that targets the investments resulting from the research, development and innovation clause of oil and natural gas exploration and production contracts.

About Deep Seed Solutions:
Deep Seed Solutions is an innovative organization, targeted at developing technologies applied to complex engineering processes. With a focus on the Energy Industry, the company is collaborating with the efficiency of capital projects, the low carbon economy, and the energy transition, through its strong expertise in digital transformation.

About Karoon Petróleo & Gás Ltda:
Karoon’s priority is to provide safe and reliable production from the Baúna field. The company works to mitigate Baúna’s natural decline through active well management and aims to increase production through the Baúna intervention program and the development of the Patola field. It also pursues organic and inorganic incremental value growth opportunities, leveraging the company’s core operating skills. Karoon is integrating sustainability into its strategic decision framework, including Scope 1 and 2 carbon offsets and the long-term Netzero by 2035 (Scope 1 and 2 emissions).