July 01, 2022

Press Release – i-Concept JIP Phase 1


Rio de Janeiro, March 13th, 2020 – Deep Seed Solutions is proud to announce the contract signature for a Joint Industry Research and Technology Development Project with Repsol Sinopec and Shell. The i-Concept JIP aims to conduct applied research on novel integrated complex system conceptual engineering and advanced digital solutions to increase efficiency of optimum design of offshore production systems.

The project builds on the partner’s extensive technical expertise and previous developments in conceptual engineering methodologies. It encompasses the development of customized modules, addressing the state-of-the-art on topside facilities, brownfield engineering and enhanced subsea facilities design, based on the technology FLOCO®. The metaheuristic algorithms combined with the cloud-based database should allow not only a fast generation of thousands of alternatives but should also allow the collaboration between the several levels of the supply chain without direct communication between Oil Companies and Engineering Contractors for a given scenario.

“This tool will enable us to assess the multi-concept generation integrated with the impact in the NPV, allowing decision making in an efficient way hence reducing the time decision for the company.”, said Marcelo Andreotti, project leader by Repsol Sinopec Brasil.

The JIP steering committee has the ambitious goal of cooperating in the creation of a new industry Model Based Systems Engineering approach related to integrated conceptual engineering design of offshore systems, establishing an effective base of communication between the companies within the supply chain in the oil and gas industry. The project team expects to welcome other Oil Companies and is confident to develop innovative digital packages on Phase 1 in the next two years.

“Digitalization allied with best practices in Systems Engineering have the potential to transform how the industry does large Capital Projects, ensuring most value is captured since early stages of a new Venture. We are delighted to extend our partnership in this R&D project with clear deployment targets in sight.”, said Diego Russo Juliano, project leader by Shell Brasil.

With the support of ANP – National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels of Brazil, the technology generated through the project will bring a great competitive advantage in the conceptual engineering process applied to offshore full field developments. The project also aims at accelerating investments in economically feasible projects, as well as allowing identifying optimal solutions in complex fields such as in the Brazilian pre-salt and other basins to be developed soon.

The project fits into Deep Seed Solutions’ strategic plan, delivering research, development and innovation services in Country, focused on the development of new technologies applied to complex engineering processes. Focused on the Oil and Gas Industry, Deep Seed Solutions expects to contribute to the digitization of the sector through the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing.

“The Deep Seed entire team is very excited with this milestone and I am personally confident that the i-Concept JIP will support a strong increase of economic efficiency of capital projects in the offshore industry”, said Leandro Basilio, COO at Deep Seed Solutions.

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