March 01, 2024

Contract Announcement


We are pleased to announce that PETROBRAS has signed a contract CPSI Contract (Contrato Público para Solução Inovadora) with DEEP SEED SOLUTIONS in September 2023 to carry out validation tests of the Expert System FLOCO® as part of a program to develop early and accelerated conceptual engineering design for offshore oil and gas production systems, using innovative technologies.

The project team is using the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of FLOCO® to automatically screen multiple technically viable alternatives. By incorporating inputs from Reservoir and Wells, it integrates with Subsea Engineering, Flow Assurance, Topside Facilities, and Production Units. This enables fast assessments and generates an integrated financial analysis of conceptual alternatives for field development. Key metrics such as NPV, Profitability, and Emissions Index are particularly considered in this analysis.

PETROBRAS started this transformational project allocating a highly experienced team, organized in an agile structure, addressing the necessary resources and willing to allow the technology FLOCO® to reach its maximum potential of value creation for the integrated early conceptual engineering design. We are very excited about this strong collaboration between the companies, that is showing potential to bring a high efficiency for capital projects development in offshore environment.” says Leandro Basilio, CEO of DEEP SEED SOLUTIONS.



Deep Seed Solutions is a Brazilian technology-based company and the worldwide leader in Integrated Conceptual Engineering Design for the energy industry. We provide groundbreaking technologies and services that help our customers maximize the efficiency of their capital projects and support them in their journey to a low carbon economy.


Petrobras is a publicly traded corporation operating in an integrated and specialized manner in the oil, natural gas, and energy industry. It has expertise in exploration and production as a result of decades of development in the Brazilian basins, especially in deep and ultra-deep waters. This has made it a world leader in the segment.

Its business goes beyond field reach and oil and gas withdrawal. This entails a long process by which it transports oil and gas to its refineries and natural gas treatment units. Therefore, those units must be equipped and constantly evolving to provide the best products. Its priority is to operate at low costs and with a low carbon footprint, which contributes to its commitment to sustainable development for a society in transition.